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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers


How many people are required to be considered a group booking?
A:  20 or more people GUARANTEED in the Group Rental Agreement
What is your process for reserving a group?

A: Here’s the step-by-step instructions of our process to FINALIZE your booking request with Alhatti Christian Resort & Retreat Center.  Here’s 4 quick steps:

  1. After completing the “Request For Quote” form on our website, you will be emailed an Estimate.
  2. After you *ACCEPT* the Estimate, you will be emailed an ELECTRONIC Agreement to sign directly from your email within 24 hours.
  3. Once we receive your SIGNED electronic agreement, we will email you an INVOICE to collect the INITIAL DEPOSIT amount plus any applicable installment payments.
  4. You will be subject to the terms and guidelines included in the written and signed Alhatti Group Rental Agreement as it relates to all payments, timelines, room lists, etc.

You will not need to PRINT, SCAN or send by U.S. mail because all documents can be signed ONLINE by the click of your mouse!

Is there an additional cost for your amenities?

A: No! Parking, spa use, and all other activities are included in your stay. Everything we have to offer is at your disposal.

Is soap, lotion, shampoo provided for each guest?
A:  We have shampoo and conditioner dispensers built in to our showers.
Are towels and blankets provided for the guests?
A: Yes, down home comforters and towels are provided in each of the cottages.

Do I need to bring a flashlight?

A:  Not required, but strongly suggested.

Where do I check in?

A: Once you arrive at our property, please go to the Front Desk to check-in. Our team will provide you with a map and direct you to wherever your cottages are.

Do you accommodate handicap needs?

A: Certainly! During your retreat, we have support team standing by to take you to and from the meeting rooms to your cottages should the need arise.

Do you have free Wi-fi?

A: Yes! We provide each room in our lodges, as well as our meeting rooms, with Wi-Fi. Just walk up to or call the front desk to receive the password.

Do you provide AV/Sound equipment for meeting rooms, if so, what do you have available?

A: Yes, we do! We provide one podium microphone and speaker with your retreat. Additional AV equipment/specialized items are available for a small fee.

Are there fish in your lake, if so, do you allow fishing?

A: Yes!  However, we only allow catch-and-release fishing.